Discipleship Cohort

Where real-Life, outdoor adventure, community service, and Crucial Conversations, combine to equip the next generation for serving leadership in the way of Jesus.

A Year Long Serving Leader Learning Community

Three Monthly Learning Activities:

SLAQ Days + Community Service + Crucial Conversations

Monthly SLAQ Day Excursions

One Saturday a month we will take the cohort out for an 8hr excursion that includes Discovery Bible Study, outdoor recreation, and group reflection. Recreation includes, hiking, biking, rock climbing, caving, canoeing etc.

Monthly Community Service

SLAQers will set aside a few hrs a month to learn from and serve at a local non-profit organization.  Previous non-profits served include: Our Community Place, Harriet Tubman Cultural Center, Vine & Fig, Project Grows, & Corhaven Graveyard.

Crucial Conversations

During both the Fall and the Spring semester SLAQ will host parents, pastors, youth, and their mentors for a Crucial Conversation on any number of “Faith & Culture” topics that affect the next generation. Begining withe “Faith & Wisdom” we will move into other topics such as Faith & Science, Faith & Media, or Faith & Sexuality, the goal of each Crucial Conversation is to bridge the gap between cultural information & biblical wisdom through intergenerational conversation.

Yearly Events

In addition to the monthly routine, once a year SLAQers will have the chance to participate in the 6-9 day Summer Faith Adventure. Every other year SLAQ will offer a cross cultural serving and learning experience for youth involved in the Discipleship Cohort.

Funding Model

We are committed to a funding model that begins with trust in God, values partnership with the local church, and invites families to be directly invested in the discipleship of their youth. We anticipate the discipleship cohort costing around $150 per month per person to be fully operational. We have developed a 3/3rds model to both highlight our values, and ensure that participation is accessible to families from diverse socio economic backgrounds. In this model each family commits to: 1) covering 1/3rd of the costs ($50) per month and 2) inviting family, friends, & church members to “sponsor” their loved ones participation. The other 1/3 is covered through funds raised through Ministry Partners, grants, fundraising etc.

SLAQ Adventures offers Highschool youth from diverse backgrounds a chance to discover the sacredness of life and the gift of a “good” creation through real-life adventure, service, & conversation.

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