Crucial Conversations

Seeking Biblical wisdom on topics of cultural confusion through intergenerational conversations

Crucial Conversations

Spring 2023 Conversation:

Faith & Science

Conversation Launch: Feb 28th

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Spring 2023 Conversation:

Faith & Science

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Conversation Launch: Feb 28th, 7:30-8:30

Community Conversations: March 28th, April 25th, May 23rd (all)

Times: 5:30-7:00 (Pizza & Documentary Watch Party) 7:00 - 8:30 Community Conversation

March - May Home Study Content

Here are the primary conversation pieces for our Faith & Science Series

Format of Crucial Conversations

Three months of Home Study & Community Conversations

Home Study

Each month for three months families and small groups will be invited to “Watch, Read, and Listen” to specifically curated content (due to some mature themes we encourage parents to preview materials) that will be integrated into our community conversation: yes there will be a test!

Home Study as Dinner Conversation: The explicit goal is that intergenerational families and small groups would engage this material together. Ideally this includes watching, reading, and listening together. At a minimum the “home work” for the home study is that each family/small group engages in a meaningful conversation about that months content over a meal together.

Community Conversation

Each month for three months families and small groups will gather together for a “Community Conversation” wherein participants will: 1) get to hear reflections from both community leaders and their peers, 2) engage in dynamic small group break out conversations, and 3) test their knowledge of that months content through a group trivia game!

When possible, we will host an optional “watch party” prior to the Community Conversation wherein folks will gather earlier in the evening and watch at least a large portion of that months documentary/film, and share in a time of fellowship over pizza (cost $5).

What’s Coming up Next?

Faith & Mission Fall 2023

Past Crucial Conversations

Below you will find past Crucial Conversations, including the core conversation pieces & momento’s developed as fruit of those conversations

Fall 2023 Conversation

Faith & Wisdom

These three “Conversation Pieces” are the ones that stood out amidst the content that we engaged during our 3 month long series on Faith & Wisdom

Spring 2022 Crucial Conversation

Faith & Media

After completing a 4 month intergenerational conversation including 3 community conversations, and a Lenten media fast; below you can see some of the fruit those conversations produced.

Key Conversation Pieces

These three “Conversation Pieces” are the ones that stood out among the content that we engaged, which we commend to any church or family wanting to have their own crucial conversation on faith & media.  

Ten Tech Commandments

These “rules for Life” carry the voice of both the youth and adult participants in discerning a healthy “digital diet”

Choose Life stickers

After listing key phrases from all three community conversations we invited everyone to vote on which terms “brought life,” and which ones, “brought death.” From that vote we created these word cloud stickers.

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