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Discovery + Belonging + Confidence

"The foreigner who resides with you will be to as the citizen among you. Love them as yourself, you were foreigners in Egypt."

-Leviticus 19: 34


SLAQ as a non-profit program has the mission of helping youth from diverse backgrounds encounter life as adventure. Towards that goal, in 2023, we began to offer Adventure Club as a program for middle school newcomer youth (recently arrived immigrants and refugees) which combines outdoor recreation with educational opportunities for language learning. Through Adventure Club  youth are exposed to the beauty of our valley, as their new home, with trusted guides sharing with them why we love where we live in hopes that they will too.


Adventure Club, as an act of hospitality, welcomes newcomer youth to a process of discovery & belonging by combining a variety of outdoor experiences with team building activities, while also facilitating a growing sense of confidence through developing basic outdoor skills.

Typically Adventure Club includes six field trips throughout the year, three in the fall and three in the spring, with the potential of a summer Adventure Day Camp.


Adventure Club functions by having a Serving Leader from SLAQ partner with a newcomer teacher/youth minister/non-profit leader to guide the field trips. The Serving Leader being familiar with the activities and the area, is equipped with the tools and skills needed to develop the itinerary. Having been trained in wilderness first aid, the Serving Leader is also equipped to prevent or handle emergencies, so that the group is always safe! The teacher/youth minister/non-profit leader develops lesson content in order to give the students a fun, meaningful, and welcoming learning experience!

SLAQ Adventures offers Highschool youth from diverse backgrounds a chance to discover the sacredness of life and the gift of a “good” creation through real-life adventure, service, & conversation.

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